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About the project

About the project

The project addresses a common European issue – the shortage of skilled and unskilled workers. Due to the demographic development in the past few years and in the years to come there is a substantial “hidden reserve” of people who would be able to work but for various reasons are not doing so. Through individual coaching, it is possible to activate and motivate these people, to help them recognize and overcome internal and external barriers, to work out perspectives with them and thus (re-)integrate them into the job market.

To fulfil this task there is a need for coaches who have professional and life experience and who can pass this on at eye level.

The objective of the CoCos project is to provide coaches and those who want to become coaches with the necessary tools, with methodological and factual knowledge and with the according skills to be able to work with clients, so that during their own professional development they can not only experience support in dealing with a clientele that is diverse in a number of aspects, but they can also learn new methods, come into contact with modern forms of learning and discover

how these can be used in dealing with clients. Especially since “Coach” is not a protected or regulated job-title, the project, its activities, and results shall ensure that the coaches who participate get a formal recognition that their work meets high quality standards.

The CoCos project will develop the following outcomes:

Training program

A Training program for coaches consisting of self-contained modules as face-to-face units and webinars, which will be tested, evaluated, and refined through local and transnational training events. It will provide an improved, short-termed, and customizable training for people from different educational backgrounds who want to work as coaches or who are working as coaches already, but who have not had any formal training. After completion participants of the training will be able to register with their local ICF (International Coaching Federation). 

Exchange Platform

An Exchange Platform that will give users free access to the project results. It will function as an exchange platform for participants, mentors, coaches, and stakeholders who are looking for advice, who want to reflect on their experiences or who want to exchange ideas.

The curriculum, the training program, the training modules, and the exchange platform will all be provided in English and the four partner languages German, Greek, Dutch and Italian.

Expected Project Results

The tasks will be shared according to the expertise, each partner will take responsibility for the leadership of management elements or the different intellectual outputs. The coordination role of the project activities will be assumed by DIE PERSPEKTIVENSCHMIEDE but the responsibility for the overall success of the project will of course be shared by all partners.


DIE PERSPEKTIVENSCHMIEDE (DPS) is a company within the sector of adult education and mainly focuses on counselling for different target groups, such as career counselling, aptitude assessment, application coaching, and life coaching. DPS offers adults the opportunity to obtain a school-leaving qualification and provide language coaching for immigrants. DPS coaches adults aged 18 and up, some with migration background, quite a lot of them with at least two years of being unemployed, VET-students, graduates, and sometimes whole families.

DPS will be responsible for the coordination of the project, the development of the website and the exchange platform and for hosting the first training activity.

Magnetar Ltd., Cyprus

Magnetar Ltd is an independent consulting, research, and project implementation organization. Their main activities include national and EU co-funded projects in the sectors of Engineering, Energy, Transport and Sustainability. At the core of Magnetar’s capabilities is a team of experienced and highly trained experts that can provide unique insight in a wide range of research teams and consortia. The company’s main research and project activities, revolve around project development and implementation in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Energy Saving technologies and techniques for all sectors (Public, Municipalities, Industry and Enterprises), Sustainable Development, Environment, Sustainable and Green Mobility, Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Cities and Technologies, Innovation and New Technologies, Blue Growth as well as Trainings and Capacity Building.

Magnetar will be developing a project monitoring, quality assurance and dissemination plan to ensure the monitoring of the project and the achievement of the intended impacts.

Universo CLIL, Italy

Universo CLIL (Coaching Lifelong Innovative Learning) is a medium sized non-profit adult training provider recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. It operates at regional, national and international level. Since 2010 Universo CLIL has carried out training for more than 4000 adults promoting innovative and cooperative approaches and methodologies.

The training courses are specifically addressed to adults to enable them to develop forms of innovative learning, leadership, and governance, which can help adapting to the changes required for a smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. Since 2012 Universo CLIL has developed research and training focusing on professional coaching, and in 2015 has taken part as leading training institution to the KA2 Strategic Partnerships for school education C.O.A.C.H. (Coaching schOols to fAce Change aHead), a project, which trained more than 100 people in five countries and succeeded in having the training accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation).

Universo CLIL will lead the work on Project Results 1 and 2 to ensure that the curriculum, training guide and the training program will meet the criteria to be recognized by the ICF.

Stichting for Education on Agility Liberating Structures (SEALS), The Netherlands
The foundation is working in the field of Educational Leadership for transformation on Agility on Liberating Structures. Through workshops it offers a new approach which is suited better for dealing with the accelerating pressures for growth and innovation faced by so many educational organisations today. It supports change makers and social innovators and provides training in several innovative methodologies. The Foundation develops training programs tailored for the Higher Education /VET/Adult and schools. SEALS staff have participated as external experts in several EU funded projects before setting their own foundation. The foundation is active in projects connected to tourism, social inclusion, hard and soft skills development. SEALS works with various universities, museums and libraries and is also involved another project which is aimed at strengthening the position of unemployed adults who can’t find a new job because of the increasingly specialised skills that are required by the market.

SEALS will be supporting CLIL in leading the work on Project Results 1 and 2 with the emphasis on introducing and incorporating innovative learning and teaching methods as well as being the host for the second training activity.